Are You Ready?

I wouldn't have guessed that this question would be so hard to answer. Am I ready to say goodbye to family and friends? No. Is everything packed and in order? I’m working on it. Am I ready to have my feet on the ground in Togo? Yes! I doubt I will ever feel completely ready for the big move, but that is part of stepping out in faith and when we step out in faith we get to know God better as we cling to Him.

I think of DeeDee, a new believer with two children, whose husband is in prison unjustly. Due to these circumstances she is 10 months behind on rent and family refuses to help. Each day she steps out in faith, trusting God despite these difficulties, serving others with a smile on her face. Only through a relationship with our Creator God can she live with that kind of joy!

Please pray for:

  1. Wisdom in decisions from packing to housing.
  2. Spiritual and emotional energy as I wrap up my time in the States. 
  3. The goodbyes.

Thank you for your prayer and financial partnership. I would love to hear how I can be praying for you!